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The following are the results of testing DirectX SDK demos and driver test programs. Please note that these results are currently out of date.

DirectX SDKs

DirectX 2.0 SDK

Program Result
d3dtest.exe No 3D
ddcaps.exe Crashes
ddex1.exe Missing center message
ddex2.exe Wrong colors
ddex3.exe Perfect
ddex4.exe Perfect
ddex5.exe Possible palette issues
ddtest.exe Crashes
donut.exe No output
duel.exe Crashes when beginning game
flipcube.exe No 3D
foxbear.exe Crashes after loading graphics
globe.exe No 3D
iklowns.exe Untested
memtime.exe Slow FPS, does not return to windowed mode
palette.exe No effect
rockem.exe No 3D
stretch.exe Perfect
tunnel.exe No 3D
twist.exe No 3D
wormhole.exe Must change desktop resolution, palette cycling not working correctly

Fnddraw.exe Tests

DCT Test Cases

Test Result
DCT_GetCaps ROP verification (DCT 5.20.1) Pass
PC98_21 (PC97 19) Transparent Blter Pass
PC98_22 (PC97 20) Perform Double Buffer Swaps with no tearing Pass
PC98_23 (PC97 22) Programmable Blter Stride Passes with warning
PC99 14.8 ScrnRes & VidMem Amt Fail
PC99 14.23 Low-Res Support Passes with DXGLCFG option
PC99 14.22 App Access. FrameBuff1 Fail but may be due to surface caching
PC99TA 6.8.6 720x576 Resolution Pass with minimum resolution
PC99TA 6.8.6 1280x720 Resolution Pass with minimum resolution
PC99TA 6.8.4 YUV support Missing YV12 format
PC99TA 6.8.5 Qual scaling Cons. Pass
PC99TA 6.8.5 Qual scaling Enter. Pass
PC99TA 6.8.1 Overlay support Pass
PC99TA 6.8.2 Color key support Pass
GRPH-0168 Minimum Screen Resolution (non-mobile) Fail
GRPH-0393.1 Mobile Minimum Screen Resolution Pass
DCT_LargeNumberOfBuffersPageFlipping Pass
DCT_ColorFillWithSourceSurface Pass, disregards source
DCT_AGPPrimarySurface Pass

API Test Cases

Test Result
API_IV_DirectDrawCreate Pass
API_DirectDrawEnumerate Pass with errors
API_AddRef/Release Pass
API_QueryInterface Pass
API_Compact Pass
API_IV_CreateSurf Pass
API_CreateSurf Pass/missing formats
API_HEL_CreateSurface Pass
API_DuplicateSurf Pass with warnings
API_EnumDisplayModes Pass
API_GetFourCCCodes Pass
API_EnumSurfaces Pass with warnings
API_GetCaps Pass
API_GetDisplayMode Pass but wrong bitmasks
API_GetGDISurface Crash
API_FlipToGDISurface Crashes in real life
API_Lock Pass
API_RestoreDisplayMode Pass
API_Initialize Pass
API_GetVerticalBlankStatus Fail
API_GetScanLine Incorrect behavior
API_GetMonitorFrequency Pass
API_SetDisplayMode Pass
API_Lander Pass with errors
API_GetDeviceIdentifier Pass
API_TestCooperativeLevel Corrupts window style
API_IV_GetGDISurface Pass
API_IV_SurfQueryInterface Pass
API_IV_GetAvailableVidMem Pass
API_IV_Flip Pass
API_IV_GetFourCCCodes Pass
API_IV_GetDisplayMode Pass
API_IV_GetCaps Pass
API_IV_Unlock Pass
API_IV_SetCooperativeLevel Pass
API_IV_GetVerticalBlankStatus Pass
API_IV_WaitForVerticalBlank Pass
API_IV_EnumSurfaces Pass
API_IV_SetDisplayMode Pass with default settings
API_IV_Release Pass
API_IV_Compact Pass
API_IV_RestoreDisplayMode Pass
API_IV_FlipToGDISurface Pass
API_IV_AddRef Pass
API_IV_Initialize Pass
API_IV_GetScanLine Pass
API_IV_CreatePalette Crash
API_IV_QueryInterface Pass
API_IV_EnumDisplayModes Pass
API_IV_GetMonitorFrequency Pass
API_ClassFactory Pass

PAL Test Cases

Test Result
PAL_CreatePalette - Init 256 clrs(TC 2.6.9) Pass
PAL_CreatePalette - ALLOW256 Test(TC 2.6.12) Pass
PAL_GetEntries/SetEntries (8-Bit)(TC 4.5.7, 4.7.7) Pass
PAL_Verify Palette Entries Untouched(Regress Nash #7535) Pass
PAL_CreatePalette - Invalid Params Test(TC 2.6.1-5) Pass
PAL_GetEntries - Invalid Params Test(TC 4.5.1-6) Pass
PAL_SetEntries - Invalid Params Test(TC 4.7.1-6) Pass
PAL_GetCaps Test(TC 4.4.3) Pass
PAL_GetCaps - Invalid Params Test(TC 4.4.1-2) Pass
PAL_Palette Initialize Test(TC 4.6.3) Pass
PAL_Palette AddRef/Release Test (TC 4.2.2-3, 4.3.2-3 ) Pass
PAL_Palette Query Interface Test(TC 4.1.5-7) Pass
PAL_Set New Palette Test (Regress: #8154) Pass
PAL_Palette Query Interface Invalid Test Pass
PAL_Palette Release Invalid Params Test Pass
PAL_Palette AddRef Invalid Params Test Pass
PAL_palGetPalette Test's surface get palette Pass
PAL_MultiPalSwitch Pass
PAL_IV_QueryInterface Pass

MEMMAN Test Cases

Test Result
MEMMAN - Consume All Video Mem Test(TC 6.1.1) Crash
MEMMAN - Test VidMem/AGP boundary for MipMap chains Pending
MEMMAN - Rand Create/Release Video Memory surfaces 100X Test(TC 6.1.3) Fail
MEMMAN - Rand Create/Release AGP surfaces 100X Test(TC 6.1.3) Pending
MEMMAN - Video Memory Reuse Test(TC 6.1.2) N/A
MEMMAN - Create/Verify All Video Memory Types(TC ??] Fail
MEMMAN_GetAvailableVidMem(TC 3.6.?] Fail
MEMMAN - Consume Half SysMem Test Fail
MEMMAN - Random Create/Release System Memory surfaces Test Aborted

CLIP Test Cases

Test Result
CLIP_SetHWnd/GetHWnd Test(TC 5.5.4, 5.9.5) Pass
GetClipList Test(TC 5.4.8, 5.8.9-10) Pass
CLIP_IsClipListChanged Test(TC 5.7.3-4) Pass
CLIP_CreateClipper - Invalid Params Test(TC 2.5.1-4) Pass
CLIP_SetHWnd - Invalid Params Test(TC 5.9.1-3) Pass
CLIP_GetHWnd - Invalid Params Test(TC 5.5.1-3) Pass with warning
CLIP_SetClipList While Using HWnd Test(TC 5.8.11) Pass
CLIP_SetClipList - Invalid Params Test(TC 5.8.1-7) Pass
CLIP_GetClipList - Invalid Params Test(TC 5.4.1-6) Pass
CLIP_IsClipListChanged - Invalid Params Test(TC 5.7.1-2) Pass
CLIP_DirectDrawCreateClipper(regress bug#4311) Fail
CLIP_QueryInterface Invalid Params Test Pass
CLIP_Initialize Invalid Params Test Pass
CLIP_Initialize Pass
CLIP_QueryInterface Pass

BLT Test Cases

Test Result
BLT Basic, Offscreen Surfaces(TC 3.6.101-102, 2.6.105-106) Pass
BLT Basic, VMem to Primary(TC 3.6.48, 3.6.103) Pass
BLT Basic, System to Primary(TC 3.6.48, 3.6.107) Pass
BLT Basic, AGP to Primary(TC 3.6.48, 3.6.103) Pass
BLT Stretch x 2, VMem to Primary(TC 3.6.49-50) Pass
BLT Stretch x 2, System to Primary(TC 3.6.49-50) Pass
BLT Stretch x 2, AGP to Primary(TC 3.6.49-50) Pass
BLT Stretch x 1.5, VMem to Primary(TC 3.6.51-52) Pass
BLT Stretch x 1.5, System to Primary(TC 3.6.51-52) Pass
BLT Stretch x 1.5, AGP to Primary(TC 3.6.51-52) Pass
BLT Shrink (1/2), VMem to Primary(TC 3.6.53-54) Pass
BLT Shrink (1/2), System to Primary(TC 3.6.53-54) Pass
BLT Shrink (1/2), AGP to Primary(TC 3.6.53-54) Pass
BLT Stretch(width only) x 1.5, VMem to Pri(TC 3.6.51-52) Pass
BLT Stretch(width only) x 1.5, System to Pri(TC 3.6.51-52) Pass
BLT Stretch(width only) x 1.5, AGP to Pri(TC 3.6.51-52) Pass
BLT, single SRCKEY, System to Primary(TC 3.6.60) Pass
BLT, single SRCKEY, VMem to Primary(TC 3.6.60) Pass
BLT, single SRCKEY, AGP to Primary(TC 3.6.60) Pass
BLT, SRCKEY Space, System to Primary(TC 3.6.?] Probably incorrect fail
BLT, SRCKEY Space, VMem to Primary(TC 3.6.?] Probably incorrect fail
BLT, single DESTKEY, System to Primary(TC 3.6.58) Fail
BLT, single DESTKEY, VMem to Primary(TC 3.6.58) Fail
BLT, single DESTKEY, AGP to Primary(TC 3.6.60) Fail
BLT, DESTKEY Space, System to Primary(TC 3.6.?] Fail
BLT, DESTKEY Space, VMem to Primary(TC 3.6.?] Fail
BLT,Stretch, SRCKEY, System to primary(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT,Stretch, SRCKEY, VMem to primary(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT,Stretch, SRCKEY, AGP to primary(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT,Stretch(width only), SRCKEY, Sys to pri(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT,Stretch(width only), SRCKEY, VMem to pri(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT,Stretch(width only), SRCKEY, AGP to pri(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT, Stretch, Complete Overlap, VMem(primary)(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT, Stretch, Complete Overlap, Sys. mem.(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT, Stretch, Complete Overlap, AGP mem.(TC 3.6.?] Pass
BLT,ROPs, VMem to Primary (TC 3.6.84) Pass on most hardware
BLT,ROPs, System to Primary(TC 3.6.84) Pass on most hardware
BLT Color Fill Primary(TC 3.6.57) Pass
BLT Color Fill SysMem(TC 3.6.57) Pass
BLT Color Fill AGP Mem(TC 3.6.57) Pass
BLT, Clipped, VMem to Primary Test Pass on most hardware
BLT, Clipped, System to Primary Test Pass on most hardware
BLT, Border clipping test Pass on most hardware
BLT, Mirrored and Clipped (Manbug4.1#13532) Pass on most hardware
BLT, Shrink, (3/4), VMem To Primary Pass
BLT, Shrink, (3/4), Sys To Primary Pass
BLT, Shrink, (3/4), AGP To Primary Pass
BLT, Stretch (Wx2, Hx.75), VMem to Pri Pass
BLT, Stretch (Wx2, Hx.75), Sys to Pri Pass
BLT, Stretch (Wx2, Hx.75), AGP to Pri Pass
BLT_BltFast From/To Same Surface(TC#3.6.97a) Possible glitches
BLT_BltFast, SRCKEY, From/To same surface (TC#3.6.97b) Possible glithces
BLT, FourCC to RGB conversion (TC#??.??.] Pending
BLT, FourCC to RGB stretch (TC#??.??.] Pending
BLT, FourCC to FourCC(TC# ?] Crash
BLT_BltFast - MoveToSytemMemoryTest Pass
BLT_BltFast - Verify RLE recompression triggered Pass
BLT, SRCKEY with unused pixel bits set (#5663) Pass
BLT, SRCKEY (from VMem) with unused pixel bits set Pass
BLT, DDERR_NOROTATIONHW (Manbug4.1#8172) Pending
BLT_ZBuffer Crash
BLT, Blt with CS_PARENTDC clip window(#5673) Incorrect output
BLT,Invalid Params Test(TC 3.6.1-3, 3.6.5, 3.6.7-8 ) Fail
BLT_GetBltStatusMultBlts Fail
BLT_GetBltStatusPostFlip Fail
BLT_BltFrontToBackBuff Pass
BLT_OnscreenOverlap Pass
BLT_OffscreenOverlap Fail
BLT_SafeLockPri Pass
BLT_ColorConverting Pass
BLT_Texture Sys to Sys Fail
BLT_Texture Sys to Vid Fail
BLT_Texture Sys to AGP Fail
BLT_Texture Vid to Vid Fail
BLT_NoSrcColorKey Pass
BLT_NoDestColorKey Pending
BLT_CanNotColorFill Fail
BLT_CanNotDepthFill Fail
BLT_InvalidFlagsDDFX Fail
BLT_BltFast Sys to Sys Pass
BLT_BltFast Sys to Vid Pass
BLT_BltFast Sys to AGP Pass
BLT_BltFast AGP to AGP Pass
BLT_BltFast AGP to Sys (Driver may return DDERR_UNSUPPORTED) Pass
BLT_BltFast AGP to Vid Pass
BLT_BltFast Vid to Vid Pass
BLT_BltFast Vid to Sys Pass
BLT_BltFast Vid to AGP Pass

DC Test Cases

Test Result
Get/Release DC x 25(TC ?] Pass
API_GetDC, Verify Pixel Format(TC ?] Pass
API_GetDC, GDI BitBlt() Tests(TC ?] Pass
API_GetDC, 16-bit DC Cache (ManBug #8348) Pass
API_GetDC, GDI Blt from VidMem Surface to Window DC (ManBug #10431) Pass
API_GetDC, StretchBlt with Pitch (ManBug #8154) Pass

SURF Test Cases

Test Result
SURF_IV_CreateSurface Fail
SURF_LockRectVideo Pass
SURF_LockRectVideoWindowedMode Pass
SURF_LockRectSystem Pass
SURF_Lock, Multiple Rects, Video Pending
SURF_IV_Lock Invalid Parameters Fail
SURF_GetDDInterface Crash
SURF_EnumAttachedSurfaces Pass
SURF_Set/GetColorKey Test Pass
SURF_QueryInterface, multiple buffer surface Pass
SURF_WideSurfaces Pass
SURF_GetSurfaceDesc Pass
SURF_GetClipper Fail
SURF_AddAttachedSurface (flip chain) Fail
SURF_LostSurfaceInvalidParam Crash
SURF_DOSBoxInteraction Pending
SURF_GetFlipStatus Pending
SURF_CopyToClipboard Fail
SURF_EnumPrimarySurface Fail
SURF_EnumOffScrnPlain Pass
SURF_EnumFourCCSurf Pass with failures
SURF_EnumSurfTryMatch Pass
SURF_SetSurf Fail
Surface4_API_GetSurfaceFromDC Fail
DATA_Surface4_GetSetClientDataInvalid Fail
DATA_Surface4_GetSetClientData Fail
CSEM_CreateSurfaceFromMemory Fail
UNIQ_Surface4_GetChangeUniquenessValue Fail
CSEM_IV_Create From Existing Mem Crash
CSEM_Blt Custom Memory Surfaces Pass
CSEM_GetDC Custom Memory Surfaces Crash
CSEM_Change Surfaces and Blt Fail
SURF_IV_GetFlipStatus Fail
SURF_IV_GetBltStatus Pass
SURF_IV_PageLock Fail
SURF_IV_PageUnLock Fail
SURF_IV_ReleaseDC Pass
SURF_IV_GetColorKey Pass
SURF_IV_SetColorKey Fail
SURF_IV_BltBatch Pass
SURF_IV_BltFast Pass
SURF_IV_Blt Pass
SURF_IV_GetPixelFormat Fail
SURF_IV_GetSurfaceDesc Crash
SURF_IV_SetSurfaceDesc Fail
SURF_IV_Initialize Pass
SURF_IV_Lock Fail
SURF_IV_GetDDInterface Pass
SURF_IV_SetPalette Pending
SURF_IV_GetPalette Pending
SURF_IV_SetClipper Pass
SURF_IV_GetClipper Pass
SURF_IV_GetCaps Pass
SURF_IV_GetAttachedSurface Pass
SURF_IV_DuplicateSurface Pass
SURF_IV_AddAttachedSurface Pass
SURF_IV_EnumAttachedSurfaces Pass
SURF_IV_DeleteAttachedSurface Crash
SURF_ReleaseFrontBeforeBack Fail
SURF_SetSurfaceDescDXTn Fail

OVERLAY Test Cases

Test Result
OVERLAY, Destination Color Key Test (TC#3.30.10) Pass
OVERLAY, Create with DestKey Test (TC#3.30.10) Pass
OVERLAY, Z Order (Insert front/back of)(TC# ?.?.?) Pending
OVERLAY, Position not maintained (Regress. OSR#49314) Fail
OVERLAY, Set/GetOverlayPosition (TC. 3.28.8, 3.31.7) Fail
OVERLAY, SetColorKey(NULL) (TC. 3.30.17+18) Pass
OVERLAY, UpdateOverlay Pass
OVERLAY, UpdateOverlayDisplay Fail
OVERLAY, AddOverlayDirtyRect Fail
OVERLAY, EnumOverlayZOrders Pending
OVERLAY, MultiOverlay Pass
OVERLAY, Create 1x1 doesn't crash Pass

3D Test Cases

Test Result
3D_Depth Fill Blt Test Fail
3D_Flip MipMap Chain Fail
3D_Z-Buffer Mask Fill Fail
3D_NOSYSLOCK Texture Test Crash
3D_ReallocateAliasing Texture Test Crash
3D_IsSurfaceReallyLost Surface Test Fail

VPE Test Cases

Note: Video port objects are not currently available in DXGL.

Test Result
VPE_GetDDVideoContainer Pending
VPE_EnumDDVideoContainer Pending
VPE_CreateEnumDDVideoContainer Pending
VPE_GetInput/OutputFormats Pending
VPE_GetBandwidthInfo Pending
VPE_WaitForSync Pending
VPE_WaitForSync(Specific Line) Pending
VPE_Flip Pending
VPE_SetTargetSurface Pending
VPE_GetColorControls Pending
VPE_SetColorControls Pending
VPE_GetVideoSignalStatus Pending
VPE_GetVideoLine Pending
VPE_GetFieldPolarity Pending
VPE_QueryInterface Pending
VPE_QueryVideoPortStatus Pending
VPE_CreateVideoPort Pending
VPE_StartVideo Pending
VPE_StopVideo Pending
VPE_GetOutputFormats Pending
VPE_GetInputFormats Pending
VPE_GetVideoPortConnectInfo Pending
VPE_EnumVideoPorts Pending
VPE_UpdateVideo Pending
VPE_Bob (AUTO) Pending
VPE_Weave (AUTO) Pending
VPE_Bob (MANUAL) Pending
VPE_Weave (MANUAL) Pending
VPE_IV_SetTargetSurface Pending
VPE_IV_GetInputFormats Pending
VPE_IV_GetOutputFormats Pending
VPE_HardwareDeinterlacing (AUTO) Pending
VPE_HardwareDeinterlacing (MANUAL) Pending

Color Control Test Cases

Note: Color control is not currently available in DXGL

Test Result
cctrlTestBrightnessCtl Missing functionality
cctrlTestContrastCtl Missing functionality
cctrlTestHueCtl Missing functionality
cctrlTestSaturationCtl Missing functionality
cctrlTestSharpnessCtl Missing functionality
cctrlTestGammaCtl Missing functionality
cctrlTestColorEnableCtl Missing functionality
cctrlTestInvalidGet Missing functionality
cctrlTestInvalidSet Missing functionality
cctrlTestGetInvalidSize Pending
cctrlTestSetInvalidSize Pending
cctrl_IV_TestAddRef Missing functionality
cctrl_IV_TestRelease Missing functionality
cctrl_IV_TestQueryInterface Missing functionality

Kernel Test Cases

Note: Kernel mode functions are not currently available in DXGL

Test Result
KERNEL_AddRef Pending
KERNEL_QueryInterface Pending
KERNEL_Release Pending
KERNEL_GetCaps Pending
KERNEL_GetKernelHandle Pending
KERNEL_ReleaseKernelHandle Pending
KERNEL_SurfAddRef Pending
KERNEL_SurfQueryInterface Pending
KERNEL_SurfRelease Pending
KERNEL_SurfGetKernelHandle Pending
KERNEL_SurfReleaseKernelHandle Pending


Note: DXGL does not currently support multiple-monitor configurations.

Test Result
MULTIMON_AllFullScreen_AllResolutionCombinations Pending
MULTIMON_TwoFullScreen_ReleaseSecondaryMonitor Pending
MULTIMON_AllFullScreen_CreateSurface Pending
MULTIMON_InitWindowedWithFullScreen Pending
MULTIMON_InitFullScreenWithWindow Pending
MULTIMON_InitWindowedAllDevices Pending
MULTIMON_TwoFullScreenPrototype Pending
MULTIMON_CreateSurface Pending
MULTIMON_BltFast Pending
MULTIMON_SetSingleCooperativeLevel Pending
MULTIMON_SetDoubleCooperativeLevel Pending

MOCOMP Test Cases

Note: DXGL does not support DXVA accleration.

Test Result
MOCOMP_MCC_QueryInterface Pending
MOCOMP_MCC_AddRef Pending
MOCOMP_MCC_Release Pending
MOCOMP_GetMotionCompGUIDs Pending
MOCOMP_GetCompBufferInfo Pending
MOCOMP_GetInternalMemInfo Pending
MOCOMP_GetUncompFormatsSupported Pending
MOCOMP_CreateMotionComp Pending
MOCOMP_MC_QueryInterface Pending
MOCOMP_MC_AddRef Pending
MOCOMP_MC_Release Pending
MOCOMP_BeginFrame Pending
MOCOMP_EndFrame Pending
MOCOMP_Execute Pending
MOCOMP_QueryRenderStatus Pending

COM Test Cases

Test Result
Release DDRAW without Initializing Pass
RELE_IndependentChildObjects(DD4, SURF3) Pass
RELE_IndependentChildObjects2(DD4,SURF3-flipping chain) Corrupts FNDDraw window
RELE_DependentChildObjects(DD2,SURF3) Leaks objects
RELE_DependentChildObjects2(DD1,SURF1) Leaks objects
RELE_DependentChildObjects3(DD1, SURF4) Leaks objects
DDrawEnumEx Pass

DD4 Test Cases

Test Result
DD4_API_IDirectDraw4 Pass
DD4_CreateSurface Fail
DD4_DuplicateSurface Pass
DD4_EnumDisplayModes Pass
DD4_EnumSurfaces Fail
DD4_GetAvailableVidMem Pass
DD4_GetDisplayMode Pass
DD4_GetAttachedSurface Pass
DD4_GetSurfaceDesc Pass
DD4_SetSurfaceDesc Fail


Test Result
WRITECOM_CheckWriteCombineIsEnabled Pass

GAMMA Test Cases

Note: DXGL does not currently support gamma correction.

Test Result
GAMMA_DDrawGammaInterface Pending
GAMMA_DDrawGammaModeChange Pending
GAMMA_DDrawGammaDOSBox Pending
GAMMA_DDrawGammaInterfaceInvalid Pending

Compressed Texture Tests

Test Result
DXTC_RGB to DXT* to Primary Fail
DXTC_Verify DXT1 Compression Freezes up
DXTC_Blt DXT to DXT Fail
DXTC_Blt DXT to DXT - Sys to Sys Fail
DXTC_Blt DXT to DXT - Sys to Vid Fail
DXTC_Blt DXT to DXT - Sys to AGP Fail
DXTC_TextureDXT1 Incorrect output

CUBEMAP Test Cases

Note: Cube maps will be supported in a later release of DXGL.

Test Result
CUBE_Create Cube Map Surfaces Test Pending

STEREO Test Cases

Note: Stereoscopic display modes are not currently supported.

Test Result
STEREO_EnumStereoModes Fail
STEREO_LableLeftRight Pending
STEREO_Flip Pending
STEREO_InvalidParms Pending

Refresh Rate Test Cases

Note: FNDDraw does not support refresh tests on Windows NT type systems; Win98 compatibility mode causes crashes.

Test Result
REFRESH_Suite Crash / Pending on WinNT
REFRESH_ParamTest Crash / Pending on WinNT