DXGL is currently a work-in-progress and is currently considered alpha-quality software..

See DXGL Features for detailed information.

See Version history from the downloads section for release information and previous version downloads.

Also see DXGL Test Results for some detailed tests performed occasionally.

What works:

  • DirectDraw object creation and destruction (versions 1 to 7)
  • Display mode enumeration and switching (with emulated mode switching)
  • Fullscreen and windowed modes.
  • Basic Blt() functionality
  • 8-bit color emulated with GLSL shader

What partially works:

  • 3D graphics are only partially supported.

What doesn't work:

  • Many functions are stubbed out and return an error


These are goals to be set for future releases. This is completely subject to change at any time.

  • 0.5.16
Fix high contrast mode for installer: 100% complete
Support PBO texture transfer for converted surface formats: 100% complete
Fix reference counts: 90% complete
Validate DDraw parameters: 75% complete
Fix RGB8332 and 24-bit depth formats: 50% complete
Add texture color conversion: 33% complete
Fix resource leaks: 25% complete
Improve DDraw API: 15% complete
Add YUV overlay support: 0% complete
Support window mode on multi monitor systems: 0% complete
  • 0.5.17
Add VS2005 project files: 50% complete
Add scaling for windowed mode: 0% complete
  • 0.5.x
Add mipmap surfaces: 95% complete
Support D3D2 textures: 95% complete
Isolate API from backend threads: 95% complete
Add depth buffer fill: 90% complete
Implement D3D execute buffers: 75% complete
Rework D3DTLVERTEX rendering: 50% complete
Add software T&L for execute buffers: 50% complete
Group renderer commands into batches: 10% complete
Add client memory surfaces: 10% complete
Improve D3D backend: 1% complete
Support Blt() to/from different surface formats: 0% complete
Expand use of PBO transfers: 0% complete
Improve filtered color key Blt(): 0% complete
Postprocess scaling for change mode with fallback: 0% complete
Add framerate limiter: 0% complete
Improve fog support: 0% complete
Add multisampling: 0% complete
Precompile generated shaders used in previous sessions: 0% complete
Fix 16-bit 565 surfaces on ATI Radeon X300 series: 0% complete
Fix clippers on NVIDIA GeForce 6 series GPU: 0% complete
  • 0.6.x
Add DXGL loader stub to fix programs that demand ddraw.dll from system32: 0% complete
  • Future
Support multiple DirectDraw drivers per process: 75% complete
Support surface color depths: 75% complete
Compatibility with and support for Windows 10 Sets [ON HOLD UNTIL MICROSOFT RE-IMPLEMENTS SETS]: 50% complete
Support NULL HWND: 25% complete
Implement and improve API functions: 25% complete
Convert from C++ to C: 19% complete
Support GCC/MinGW compilation: 5% complete
Hook mouse APIs - GetCursorPos, SetCursorPos, ClipCursor, GetClipCursor, GetCursorInfo: 1% complete
Support Per-Monitor v2 DPI awareness in DXGL Config: 0% complete
Advanced VSync support: 0% complete
Hook GDI palette function: 0% complete
Support GL_ARB_texture_barrier for destination color keying: 0% complete
Workaround for Windows 10 Creators Edition "System (Enhanced)" scaling, if necessary: 0% complete
Create Doxygen documentation [MAYBE]: 5% complete
Support configuring old/legacy DXGL versions [MAYBE]: 0% complete